Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brittenford Philanthropy ~ Homeless Shelter Landscaping

My company, Brittenford Systems Inc., was recently involved in a landscaping project through Reston Interfaith at the Embry Rucker Homeless Shelter. I was looking for community projects for us to be involved in, so I contacted Susan Alger at Reston Interfaith which whom we work with to pack brown bag lunches for the homeless shelter once a month.  She came up with some great ideas for us, and and thought landscaping at the homeless shelter would be the best fit for our company.

To contact Susan call 571-323-1383 or check out their WEBSITE.

We were able to donate $250 as an organization to the shelter which bought them a dogwood tree, 8 perennials, mulch, a hose, gardening gloves and tools. We were able to plant all of these, weed, mulch and clean up the front entrance so you can see the sign from the street again.  All it takes are a few calls to reach out and start something like this with your company, organization, church, etc.  Susan was great to work with and really helpful in coordinating everything.

Below are pictures from our event :) and we were also mentioned in their Newsletter!! Click HERE to view!

Brittenford Systems Landscaping Crew 2011

Something was really interesting towards our left.....
Alicia & Linda cleanup crew :)

you want me to do what?!?

Kamlesh, Matt & Luis ~ Our expert tree planters

Kamlesh: "Luis hold on" hahaha

Whoa! Don't mess with Matt!

Planting the Memorial Tree 

After they were done planing....great job!

Stacy & Me planting flowers on the side of the shelter

Jeanne & Tracey de-weeding the front of the shelter!

Great job guys!

Master mulcher! 

Debi de-weeding and sprucing up the shelter's entrance sign

So pretty!

Linda & Alicia workin hard!

Shereen cleaning up our mess!

Ken doing the same! 

Not bad for a hard day's work!

I have no idea what this was for....but it was easy!

Debi telling me not to quit my day job haha

Kamlesh, Luis & Matt

Stacy planting flowers :)

Warren hard at work!

Sooooo much better thanks everyone!!

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  1. What a great event! I'm sure the shelter appreciates the pretty flowers. What a fun team, and the shirts look awesome :)